Little Presidents Learning Palace started as a dream. It was to establish a firm and strong foundation for each child in their early formative years. This dream paved the way for the purchase of a strategically located lot and construction of a modern six-storey building thereon. This building which was carefully planned to make learning conducive is now the official residence of Little Presidents Learning Palace.

Little Presidents Learning Palace is a new preschool located in 1558 J. P. Laurel corner Matienza St., San Miguel, Manila. The school caters to children (six months to five years) two to four years of age and belonging to the Class AB Income Bracket. It started its first school year on June 2007. The school adheres to the theory of multiple intelligences. The school’s mission is to develop the child holistically and to nurture each one of them academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically as well. The school believes its important role during the crucial and formative years of the child. It also believes that each child’s abilities and capabilities are unique. Thus, the school adjusts its teaching method to fit each individual child’s abilities.

Little Presidents Learning Palace isn’t just a school; it’s an entire community. It has a day care center, music, gymnastics, Muay Thai swimming lessons. Tutorials are also offered for various subjects (including Mandarin) on the elementary and high school level.

Little Presidents Learning Palace believes that modern facilities and the child’s environment must be conducive for the child’s learning. The school facilities include:

1. Air-conditioned classrooms
2. A child friendly playroom
3. A prayer room
4. An open shelf library
5. A dancing room
6. A dining room
7. An auditorium
8. An indoor landscaped 25-meter swimming pool which includes a spectators’ area
9. A mini-garden
10. An administration office
11. A dental clinic, pediatric clinic and reflexology clinic

Now, on its twelfth year, the school strives to continue providing a firm and strong foundation for preschool quality education. LPLP emphasizes the core values of being respectful, responsible and resourceful among children, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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